The school has a number of HPLC instruments for analytical and preparative work.  A range of chiral columns are also available for ee determination.

2x Agilent 1290 series HPLC systems.  These systems perfrom the majority of our analystical work. The high pressure ratings enable them to be used with rapid resolution columns enabling run time to be shortened to minutes for many applications.

Agilent 1260 Mass Directed Preparative HPLC
Walk up mass directed prep- HPLC system connected to a mass spectrometer – simply specify the mass of your target compound and the system will only collect peaks of the appropriate compound

Gilson Prep HPLC
UV detected Prep HpLC system suitable for flow rates up to 200 ml/min for optimized Preparative HPLC

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Dr Stuart Warriner 
0113 343 6437