Robotic Liquid Handling and Screening

Automation of biological assays is supported through robotic liquid handling and plate reader systems:

Hamilton Star Liquid Handler
An 8 channel robotic liquid handler dispensing volumes between 1ul and 1 ml into a range of different plate formats (eg 96 and 384 well plates). On deck barcode reading, cooling and shaking are all possible. The system is very flexible and is run by a dedicated technician.

Perkin Elmer Envision plate reader: High sensitivity plate reader with large range of filters. Capable of fluorescence intensity, fluorescence polarisation, FRET and TR-FRET measurements along with luminsecnce, and absorbtion measurements in both top and bottom read modes.  In situ injectors allow for rapid kinetic measurements.

Cambridgesoft Information Management system enables results of large compound screens to be automatically processed and compound structure to be linked with results.

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