Real Space Imaging of the Atomic-Scale Magnetic Structure in Strongly Correlated Electron Systems

Dr Peter Wahl, University of St Andrews.

High temperature superconductivity holds the promise to be at the bases of a technological revolution. Several families of high-temperature superconductors have been discovered so far, but one of the obstacles to their exploitation remains our lack of understanding of the origin of superconductivity. A common theme in their properties is the proximity of magnetic order to superconductivity, indicating an intimate relationship between the two. To study this relationship at the atomic scale, I introduce spin-polarized scanning tunnelling microscopy and show application of this to unconventional superconductors.

In my talk, I will discuss imaging of magnetic order in the iron chalcogenides as well as of the relationship between magnetism and superconductivity once the material is driven superconducting and what these results tell us about the relationship between these two phases.

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