Crossed module and higher order versions of Kitaev-Model

Joao Faria Martins, University of Leeds. Part of the applied mathematics integrable systems seminars series.

The Kitaev Model is a finite dimensional totally solvable quantum field theory model for discrete gauge connections on  a surface, modelling topological phases of matter. Point-like topological excitations of Kitaev model possess anyonic behaviour and models for topological quantum computing can be derived from them.

In this talk, I will review the notion of crossed modules, higher gauge fields, discrete higher gauge fields, and their 2-dimensional holonomy. With those tools in hand I will show a higher gauge field notion of Kitaev model. I will lightly discuss loop-like topological excitations of the model, and how they can be used to construct isotopy invariants of loop braids in 3+1D space.


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