"Talk to a Student" - Live Chat event

Students will get the opportunity to live chat with existing students at the University of Leeds.

Have your say! Speak to our student ambassadors from the Faculty of Mathematics and Physical Sciences about their experiences studying at Leeds and ask them your questions. 

Everyone feels nervous about starting at a new university, so log on to our live chat and talk with our English and Mandarin speaking student ambassadors who can tell you anything from subject specific questions like 'What is it like the study at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physical Sciences?' to general student questions like 'Where is the best place to buy food in Leeds?'

The Faculty of Mathematics and Physicals Sciences includes the:

Please note that Link to Leeds ambassadors are not able to answer questions about your offer or visa requirements. For questions about your offer please refer to the contact details given on your offer letter. For questions about visa requirements please contact our immigration advisers on internationalstudents@leeds.ac.uk.


Register below, and come along to say hello. 

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