Soft tissue mechanics applied to myocardial infarction

Part of the applied mathematics seminar series.

This talk will start with an overview of the invariant-based continuum mechanics approach for anisotropic soft tissues that undergo nonlinear large deformation. I will then report how we model the cardiac system using the invariant-based constitutive laws and a fluid-structure interaction solver, and how we model the myocardial infarction with different levels of sophistication. The models will be patient-specific derived from in vivo clinical magnetic resonance images (MRI), with material parameters determined using inverse and statistical approaches so that the model results agree with in vivo observations. We model the cardiac function both in diastole and in systole and consider agent-based modelling for myocardial infarction, soft tissue changes informed by MRI perfusion measurements. Finally, I will briefly introduce the EPSRC funded SofTMech Centre and the ongoing research themes in the Centre.