Condensed Matter Research Seminar: Dr Cristian Bonato, Heriot Watt University

Dr Cristian Bonato, of the Institute of Photonics and Quantum Sciences, Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh, will be presenting a seminar on his research.

Individual spins for quantum sensing and communication Abstract: The capability to detect and control individual electronic and nuclear spins, for example those associated to single point defects in solids, has opened novel opportunities for quantum technology. A single spin is the smallest possible magnetic field sensor, enabling imaging of magnetic fields with nanoscale spatial resolution, at room temperature. In addition, due to the short-range of magnetic coupling, spins are well protected from environmental noise, resulting in record storage times for quantum states.

This talk will consist of two parts. In the first one, I will tackle the question of how to efficiently extract information from a quantum sensor. In a sequence of measurements on a single spin, outcomes obtained by earlier measurements could be used to optimize the settings for later measurements. What kind of advantage can this provide? Is adaptive estimation advantageous also in the presence of noise and imperfect measurements?‚Äč In the second part of the talk, I will discuss recent results about spin control in silicon carbide.

While most of the work in this field has been done with spins associated with the nitrogen-vacancy colour centre in diamond, I will show how silicon carbide can combine excellent spin properties and efficient spin-photons interfacing in a semiconductor that is widely used by the microelectronic industry.

All are welcome to attend.

Host: Dr Satoshi Sasaki