Nanobiointeractions: analysis of polymeric nanoparticle uptake and subcellular interactions, supported by Numerical modelling and Raman spectroscopic analysis.

Professor Hugh J. Byrne, of the FOCAS Research Institute, TU Dublin, will be presenting a seminar on his research. All are welcome to attend.

The emergence of concepts of Nanomedicine and the potential hazards of nanotoxicity have prompted indepth analysis of nanobiointeractions, and in particular, nanoparticle uptake and subcellular interactions. In the quest for quantitative structure property relationships (QSARS) governing these interaction, polymeric nanoparticles serve as functional model systems, whose size and surface chemistry can easily be systematically tailored. The presentation will outline the in vitro analysis of the toxic responses of human cells to exposure to generations of the homologous series of Poly(amidoamine) (PAMAM) and Poly(propylene imine) (PPI) dendrimers, as well as polystyrene nanoparticles, using a range of cytotoxicity assays. The systematically varied responses are modelled using a rate equation approach, which attempts to separate the particle dependent initiating factors from the subsequent cellular responses. Raman microscopy is also explored as a label free tool to monitor uptake and cytotoxic responses, in vitro. 

Host: Professor Steve Evans