Definable categories

Mike Prest, University of Manchester. Part of the logic seminar series.

Definable categories arose in the model theory of modules and have turned out to be a good context for additive model theory. They are also algebraically natural and much theory and many applications have been developed. The large context in which they sit ((anti-)equivalences of certain 2-categories, [2]) is paralleled in the non-additive/Set-based world and this has recently been shown, by Kuber and Rosicky [1], to run deeper than had previously seemed to be the case.


[1] A. Kuber and J. Rosicky, Definable categories, arXiv:1612.03711

[2] M. Prest, Abelian categories and definable additive categories, arXiv:1202.0426

Mike Prest, University of Manchester