Athena SWAN Charter


The Faculty of Mathematics and Physical Sciences has received a prestigious Athena SWAN Bronze Award from the Equality Challenge Unit, the national body that promotes equality in the higher education sector.  

This award represents the combined efforts of all four schools in the Faculty and shows the positive actions we have taken to ensure that policies, processes and ethos all promote an equal and inclusive environment for work and study. 

"The thrill to understand and decipher the laws of Physics (the orbits of the planets around the sun and the dual behaviour of light, as a wave and a particle) was my drive."
Professor Carmen Molina-Paris, Director of Research and Professor in Applied Mathematics in the School of Mathematics

"I used to have a ‘lab’ in my garden in Mexico City where I grew up and I would make concoctions out of herbs and flowers. I guess I was always interested in science, and had a keen interest in plants."
Dr Caroline Orfila, Director of Research and Associate Professor in Nutrition in the School of Food Science and Nutrition

"The University has been very supportive in helping me manage my career, both in terms of providing training and support for career progression, and in terms of helping me adjust my responsibilities around taking maternity leave twice."
Dr Alison Voice, Director of Student Education in the School of Physics and Astronomy

“It can be hard sometimes, managing my time between my studying and my family, especially as I progress through this degree. However, everything worth having is worth working hard for.” 
Sannia Farooque, MChem, BSc Chemistry student

"Despite the School of Physics and Astronomy containing more males than females (both staff and students), I have always felt that I have been treated equally and there have always been equal opportunities for everyone within the department."
Megan Hughes, PhD student in the School of Physics and Astronomy

"I had a brilliant experience throughout my time at Kellogg’s; never would I have imagined learning so much within one year as a placement student."
Charlotte de Drouas, BSc Nutrition (Industrial)

"My decision to start a PhD in Medicinal Chemistry was driven by the possibility to start a research project focussing on Alzheimer’s disease. My PhD was funded by the Emma & Leslie Reid scholarship, which is reserved for research projects related to heart and brain disease."
Giorgia Magnatti, PhD student in the School of Chemistry