Schools outreach

Students enjoying a physics summer school at the University of Leeds

Our STEM outreach team deliver an exciting programme of activities over the course of the year, with a specific focus on inspiring young learners in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

In addition, our Educational Engagement team work across the UK with schools and colleges to raise awareness of, and aspirations towards, higher education, offering a comprehensive programme of activities 

We visit local schools and welcome students to campus to encourage exploration and understanding of the real world applications of STEM subjects. Academic activities include visits and demonstrations in schools, experience days on campus, talks, workshops and teacher conferences.

Discovering Science

The Discovering Science programme offers five free online courses accessible on desktop, tablet or mobile. The programme investigates how chemistry plays an important role in our everyday lives, by exploring topics such as advances in modern medicine, food, climate, and household products. Through case studies and discussions, explore how research is responsible for significant scientific developments. Take a look at science in action, and find out more about what the future holds for scientific discoveries.

More details

For details of all upcoming events and to subscribe to our newsletter, visit our STEM website or contact the following:

Louise Crabtree
Chemistry, Mathematics, Food Science and Nutrition, Physics and Astronomy

Erin McNeill
Physics and Astronomy