Colour Science Centre for Industrial Collaboration (CIC)

The Colour Science Centre provides an interface between academica and industry. It provides a one-stop-shop for companies who are looking to connect with the University, and whilst it offers specific expertise in the field of colour science it can quickly access the necessary links with appropriate academic staff in other subject areas, to address broader projects.

We have connections with a variety of organisations including: 

Abbott Laboratory - Akzo Nobel - Asahi Photochemical Products – BP Castrol - Branchér - Clairol – Coats - Dyers Company - Courtaulds - DuPont - European Colour (Pigments) Ltd - G4S – ICI - Innovative Technology Ltd - James Robinson/Vivimed - Lazertran - Lucite - Newell Rubbermaid - Nippon Kayaku – OCCA - P&G - Pitney Bowes – Samsung - Sumitomo - Star Brand - Sun Chemicals - SDC - Sinochem - Thermographic Measurements Company Ltd - UCB/Cytec - Varn - Wools of New Zealand - Xennia - X-Rite.

Our areas of expertise include:

Pigment and dye chemistry
Synthesis of high quality, speciality dyes and pigments, high exhaustion, non-hydrolysing.

Surface chemistry
Optimisation of properties of pigment, pigment/binder interactions and ink/substrate interactions, improved image quality.

Polymer materials
Development of specific polymeric coatings, these can be used in printing inks or coatings

Inks/coating formulation
Development and formulation of conventional and function inks for all deposition systems.

Colour management
Providing advice on software design capacity to answer colour management requirements in various applications.

Conductive inks
Formulation for any deposition system, carbon based and flexible, and washable in textile applications.

Pigment, skin tone colour matching, formulation, and emulsion stability expertise.

Unique features in IR, thermo chromic and photo chromic reactions

Lithium ion batteries
Screen print capable and re-chargeable

Effluent reduction
Dye bath effluent reduction and elimination

Low temperature wool dying
Reduction in energy

Novel hair dyes
Reduced temperature dyeing, non-toxic

Ink formulation, substrate interaction, evaluation of jet ability

Packaging materials
Characterisation, water up-take, compression strength, modelling

Dyes for cancer treatment
Photodynamic therapy

Improved natural dyes
For textile and hair

Stain and insect resistant treatments
For textiles

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For any enquiries about our services please contact:

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