Industrial advisory board

Our Industrial Advisory Board comprises academics and representatives from industry. The Board provides a strategic view from the industrial community on our research, student education, innovation, and external engagement activities.

Our Board’s primary aims are to inform our curriculum design to improve the employability of our graduates and to increase external involvement in our research.

Board members review our student education with the aim of improving the student experience and ensuring that our graduates’ technical and employability skills are well matched to industry’s needs. Board members also act as ambassadors for the School and help to boost our profile and reputation with both national and international bodies.

Our Board membership reflects key sectors for our graduates’ employment. The industrial links we maintain through our Board enable us to offer industrial placement and networking opportunities.


Industry members

Harry Barraza, Arla Foods
Philip Dalton, Sun Branding Solutions
Dr Andrew Downie, Taylors of Harrogate
Mrs Sue Dix, Tesco
Mr Brian Edwards, The Authentic Food Company
Mr Owen Evans, Marks and Spencer
Mrs Rachel Hackett, Greencore Group
Mr Simon Kane, SLK Food Consultancy
Mr Andy Keatings, The Kraft Heinz Company
Dr Philip Kent, Blue Earth Foods
Mr Hugh Powell, Nestlé
Dr Stewart Radford, Mondelez
Mrs Alison Robertson, Hain Daniels Group
Dr David Rosie, CMi Technical Services
Mrs Helen Sisson, Greencore Group
Mr Philip W Strachan, Unilever
Mr David Tildsley, Newly Weds Foods Ltd
Dr Kevin Yates, Kellogg’s

School members

Professor Alan Mackie, Head of the School of Food Science and Nutrition
Dr Caroline Orfila, Director of Research
Dr Lisa Marshall, Director of Student Education
Dr Bernadette Moore, Associate Professor of Obesity
Professor Mike Morgan, Professor of Food Biochemistry
Professor Brent Murray, Professor of Food Colloids
Dr Melvin Holmes, Lecturer in Food Processing
Laura Pearson, Employability Enhancement Officer
Mr Paul Kajda, Senior Laboratory Instructor