Undergraduate Project Work


In your third year you’ll be given the option to take the Food Product Development - Team Project, this is open to students across all the undergraduate courses in the School of Food Science and Nutrition. This New Product Development (NPD) project allows you to work as part of a team to design, test and develop a new product fit for market. At the end of the year you will pitch your new product to a panel of industry and academic judges in a Dragon's Den-style competition, and answer questions based on your innovation, development process and consumer research and marketing strategy.

This product brief was to create an ‘eco-innovative, fast food product with restrictive calories’

Group project examples:

The Firth Quarter 'Irresistible Italian Offal Meatballs’

'Irresistible Italian Offal Meatballs’ is ready meal product, composed of high-quality offal meatballs in a chunky vegetable tomato sauce. It stands out due to the health benefits of offal, the popularity of meatballs with British consumers, and the increasing environmental issue of offal waste in the UK. 

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Roots is a Caribbean flavoured savoury vegetable and grain bar with “Dehydrated sweet potato, carrot and butternut squash snack bar with puffed brown rice and giant couscous - all packed together in delicious jerk spice!”

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Faba Delight

FabaDelight is a guilt-free, eco-innovative Strawberry Daiquiri flavoured chilled dessert. The product contains no allergens and is vegan-friendly through the use of drained chickpea water (aquafaba), making it unlike any other chilled dessert available in the market. 

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Fill-afel is a delightful, soft-baked falafel cooked with exotic spices. Filled with succulent pulled jackfruit and encased in a crunchy seed coating, this Middle Eastern delight comes with a complementary zesty lemon-yogurt dip. 

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Jack the Wrap

Jack the Wrap is a vegan, eco-innovative fast food with restrictive calories; consisting of a barbecue jackfruit filling in a spinach wrap with fresh crunchy vegetables and roasted sweet potato. 

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Vietnamese Rainbow Wrap

The Vietnamese Rainbow Wrap consists of a rice paper wrapper encasing rainbow ‘wonky’ vegetables, a carbohydrate and protein source, and served alongside a dip. This is a adaption of the Vietnamese Summer Roll Wrap, after their research found respondents preferred products with minimal food waste, recyclable packaging and an Asian-ethnic fusion twist.

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