• Dr Adrian Barker (Extrasolar planetary systems,  tidal interactions between planets and stars, dynamics of astrophysical discs. Waves, instabilities and turbulence in stellar and planetary interiors)
  • Dr Cédric Beaume (Doubly diffusive convection, shear flows, patterns, instabilities, dynamical systems)
  • Prof Onno Bokhove (Geophysical fluid dynamics; computational techniques for PDEs; Hamiltonian fluid dynamics)
  • Prof Sam Falle (Cosmic gas dynamics; shocks; multi-fluid MHD; computational fluid dynamics)
  • Dr Stephen Griffiths (Atmospheric and oceanic fluid dynamics; magnetohydrodynamics; waves and instabilities; ocean tides; nonlinear processes; asymptotics; numerical methods)
  • Prof Rainer Hollerbach (Planetary magnetism and geodynamo; Hall effect in neutron stars; hydrodynamic and MHD instabilities)
  • Prof David Hughes (Dynamo theory; MHD turbulence; hydrodynamic and MHD instabilities)
  • Prof Chris Jones (Earth’s, planetary and solar dynamos; thermal convection; pattern formation)
  • Dr Evy Kersalé (Hydrodynamic and MHD instabilities; accretion disc theory; solar magnetism; computational fluid dynamics)
  • Prof Serguei Komissarov (Relativistic MHD; black hole electrodynamics; high energy astrophysics)
  • Dr Sam Pegler (Geophysical fluid dynamics; dynamics of ice sheets)
  • Prof Steve Tobias (Solar and stellar dynamos; MHD turbulence; magnetoconvection; tachocline dynamics; solar variability and climate)