Equality and inclusion

Two maths students walk together through the University of Leeds campus

The University community is made up of a wide range of people with diverse backgrounds and circumstances, which we value and regard as a great asset.

As part of our continued commitment to equality and inclusion, we strive to create an environment where everyone can reach their full potential and have a real opportunity to participate in and contribute to our activities. Find out more on our HR website.

The University’s Equality and Inclusion Framework sets out our vision to be: A beacon of excellence in the sector, promoting a culture of inclusion, respect and equality for all.

Faculty Equality and Inclusion Committee

As a part of our commitment to fairness and respect, our Equality and Inclusion Committee meet every term to discuss progress, identify issues and shape new policies.

Athena SWAN Charter

The Faculty of Mathematics and Physical Sciences has received a prestigious Athena SWAN Bronze Award from the Equality Challenge Unit, the national body that promotes equality in the higher education sector.  

This award represents the combined efforts of all four schools in the Faculty and shows the positive actions we have taken to ensure that policies, processes and ethos all promote an equal and inclusive environment for work and study. 

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Institute of Physics Project Juno

The School of Physics and Astronomy has recently been awarded 'Juno Practitioner' status. The aim of Project Juno is to recognise and reward physics departments, schools, institutes and organisations that can demonstrate they have taken action to address gender equality in physics and to encourage better practice for all staff. 

London Mathematical Society Good Practice Scheme

The School of Mathematics is a London Mathematical Society (LMS) Good Practice supporter. In becoming a supporter, the School accepted the five principles of good practice:

  • A robust organisational framework to deliver equality of opportunity and reward
  • Appointment, promotion and selection processes and procedures that encourage men and women to apply for academic posts at all levels
  • Departmental structures and systems which enable men and women to progress and continue in their careers
  • Departmental organisation, structure, management arrangements and culture that are open, inclusive and transparent and encourage the participation of all staff
  • Flexible approaches and provisions that encompass the working day, the working year and a working life and enable individuals, at all career and life stages, to maximise their contribution to mathematics, their department and institution.

Facilities and support for staff

We provide practical support and information for all staff working at the university. This includes prayer and contemplation facilities on campus, a range of HR policies and information to support staff who have a disability or have caring responsibilities.

Staff networks

The University has a number of networks that staff can join. They bring together employees from across the University, providing peer support, networking opportunities and social activities.

Our networks include: