Scanning electron microscope

Nova NanoSEM450 scanning electron microscope

Our scanning electron microscope (SEM) facility is open to users across the University, with full technical support by Dr Alex Kulak, who can assist in running samples, or provide full training to users who would like to access the instrument on a regular basis.

The facility comprises an FEI Nova NanoSEM scanning electron microscope, which delivers excellent imaging capabilities. The instrument operates with a FEG source in standard secondary electron and backscattered electron modes and also has a CBS detector which makes it possible to image non-conductive samples without coating.

As additional capability, the instrument also has an automated scanning mode (which can be useful if you have a large number of similar samples to image) and a temperature control stage (which operates at -30 oC to 160 oC). The Nova NanoSEM can also operate in a low vacuum mode and has a STEM detector for screening TEM grids.

How to access the SEM facility

If you are a new user and are interested in using the SEM, please contact Dr Alex Kulak in the first instance.

Light users
If you are going to be a light user, we will help you prepare your samples for analysis and will run these for you. It is recommended that you attend when we image your samples as you will gain a much better understanding of these as compared with simply viewing the images recorded.

Regular users
If you are going to require SEM on a regular basis, you will be trained you to use the instrument. 

Booking system
Before you can use the booking system you must register as a user. You will then be given access to the system and will be able to book time on the instrument for the upcoming two weeks.

Please read this guidance document on how to register.

Contact us

Technical contact: Dr Alexander Kulak
Materials Characterisation Instrumentation Specialist
t: 0113 343 8972

Academic contact: Professor Fiona Meldrum
t: 0113 343 6414