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Vantablack Hyundai Olympics Pavilion in South Korea.

Final-year student on the Chemistry MChem, BSc course, William Ludlam, was part of the Surrey Nanosystems team that developed Vantablack Vbx2, the blackest material on Earth.

Rosette Nebula

Dr Christopher Wareing is the lead author of a new study that can explain the discrepancy between the size and age of the Rosette Nebula’s central cavity and that of its central stars.

Link to Leeds

Link to Leeds is a fantastic opportunity to talk to students about life in Leeds by taking part in our live chat series and other online events.


The University of Leeds has signed an agreement with Dietary Assessment Ltd to use its new online food diary solution to support a range of undergraduate and graduate courses across the University.

Chemical compound

University of Leeds scientists are revaluating previously discarded chemical compounds to see if any could be developed for new antibiotics.