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LITE Director honoured by fellow academics in ‘Festschrift’

Seventy academics have contributed to 30 chapters to the publication of a ‘Festschrift’ in tribute to LITE Director Professor Tina Overton.

Boards with academic posters from the symposium

The School of Food Science & Nutrition, University of Leeds, hosted the 4th UK Hydrocolloids Symposium, From Food to Bioprocessing on 12th September 2019.

HD 163296

Astronomers have discovered a rare molecule in the dust and gas disc around a young star – and it may provide an answer to one of the conundrums facing astronomers.

Grace Holden

Grace Holden was awarded “Best Original Communication Presentation” at the Nutrition Futures Conference


The highly interdisciplinary €1.5 million European Research Council (ERC) LubSat project headed by Dr Anwesha Sarkar has bought together researchers from diverse disciplines.