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Dr Sarah Harriss

Dr Sarah Harriss' achievements and ability to inspire others led her to receive a scientific heirloom from a peer at the Engineering and Physical Sciences Suffrage Science Awards.

Evgenia Koumpia

Astronomers have discovered a binary star system with the closest high-mass young stellar objects ever measured, providing a valuable “laboratory” to test theories on high mass binary star formation.

Equality and diversity

Juno Practitioner status was recently awarded to the School of Physics and Astronomy for their proactive approach to achieving equal gender opportunities and encouraging best practice among staff.

Two people communicating

Currently, British Sign Language (BSL) includes limited astrophysics terms, but Dr Olja Panic will develop 50 new signs that will make it more accessible to the deaf community.

Tutor helping a chemistry student

​​​​​​​Academics from the Faculty of Mathematics and Physical Sciences will contribute to two partner-led ESPRC Centres for Doctoral Training (CDTs).