Devon Legge receives MedChemComm poster prize

A postgraduate researcher in the School of Chemistry has been awarded the MedChemComm poster prize at Protein-Protein Interactions 2019.

Devon Legge, who is a second-year PhD student in Dr Megan Wright’s research group, presented a poster on the synthesis and use of chemical probes to target a receptor found in human immune cells involved in host defense against bacteria. It uses flow cytometry to confirm and observe the binding of these probes to the target receptor.

In pursuing this research, Devon hopes to discover more about the target receptor and its important role in our innate immune response.

Her poster, displayed at Protein-Protein Interactions 2019 in Leeds, received the poster prize from MedChemComm, a Royal Society of Chemistry journal focusing on medicinal chemistry, drug discovery and pharmaceutical chemistry.

“It was great to have the opportunity to present my work at the Protein-Protein Interactions conference and I was delighted to receive the MedChemComm poster prize,” said Devon.

“I really enjoyed presenting my work to other researchers and the discussions that this led to. It was great to make new connections with other research groups and I hope that some of these may be the start of future collaborations. The whole experience has made me more confident about my research and excited about its future.”