New funding received for Physics students as part of the White Rose Consortium

The funding is part of the Office for Students local challenge competition.

The School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Leeds is part of The White Rose Industrial Physics Academy (WRIPA) led by the Universities of York and Sheffield, which was established to increase awareness of technical career opportunities for physicists and to help students prepare for success in finding placements and graduate jobs.

WRIPA organises collaborations between companies and physics students from the Universities of York, Sheffield, Hull, Nottingham and Leeds. The consortium has recently secured ~£0.5M funding as part of the Office for Students (OfS) local challenge competition that aims to boost opportunities for graduates who seek physics-related work close to home. 

The lead provider, The University of Hull, will work with the School of Physics at Leeds on a project that aims to increase the number of physics graduates in graduate-level employment in Yorkshire and the Humber and the East Midlands from 55 per cent to 85 per cent.

Analysis of survey data from 2015-16 shows that 69% of graduates took their first job in their home region. Therefore, opportunities for progression into skilled employment for over two-thirds of graduates depend on the demand for graduate skills in their local regions. The OfS hopes this funding will enable universities to forge partnerships with employers to ensure that better use is made of local graduate skills.

Dr Samantha Pugh, part of the WRIPA team at the University says of the funding: 

"We have plenty of ideas for creating more work placement and project opportunities for our Physics students, and this funding will help us to turn them into reality.

"We want to help students to find Physics-related work opportunities within the Yorkshire, Humber and Midlands region.

"We particularly want to help students who wish to stay in the region after graduation by making connections to help them to do so. Our WRIPA consortium is already a strong group, and by working together we will be able to create more career opportunities for our students.”

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