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Boards with academic posters from the symposium

The School of Food Science & Nutrition, University of Leeds, hosted the 4th UK Hydrocolloids Symposium, From Food to Bioprocessing on 12th September 2019.

Grace Holden

Grace Holden was awarded “Best Original Communication Presentation” at the Nutrition Futures Conference


The highly interdisciplinary €1.5 million European Research Council (ERC) LubSat project headed by Dr Anwesha Sarkar has bought together researchers from diverse disciplines.

child being spoon fed

nutritional survey of baby food on sale in Europe has shown that a significant number of products contain high sugar levels that contradict World Health Organisation (WHO) recommendations.

Edible insects

Edible insects could be a key ingredient to avoiding a global food crisis, according to a new report, but there are significant barriers to overcome before they are part of the mainstream.