Jason Rowley


Started my undergraduate B.Sc. in chemistry at The University of Leeds in 2010 and graduated in August 2013 with a 2(i) honours. I was then awarded the Clothworkers' Scholarship to undertake an M.Sc. in Polymers, Colourants and Fine Chemicals, again at The University of Leeds. Graduated from the M.Sc. in December 2014 with merit and took a three year break from chemistry.

During my chemistry break, I was quickly promoted within the private security industry in London, arriving at Operations manager for one of the three biggest private corporate security companies in London and at times was the line manager for over 300 security officers. But, I missed chemistry and found a wonderful Ph.D. oppertunity with Dr. Paul Thornton, whom I had got to know during my M.Sc. studies. I was awarded the Gunnell and Matthews Scholarship to undertake the Ph.D. and started in October 2017.

I am also an associate member of the Royal Society of Chemistry (AMRSC).

Research interests

I am currently interested in carbon dots and their functionalisation for theranostics using biodegradable polymers. With this, I am also interested in ring-opening controlled polymerisations of N-carboxyanhydrides and O-carboxyanhydrides derived from amino acids. I am also interested in the surface-functionalisation of calcium carbonate nanoparticles and stimuli-responsive biodegradable polymers.

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  • M.Sc. Polymers, Colourants and Fine Chemicals
  • B.Sc. (Hons) Chemistry

Research groups and institutes

  • Colour and Polymer Science