Dr Erick Garcia-Ramirez


I am a researcher in mathematics with particular interest in applications of mathematical logic. I completed my PhD in 2017 under the supervision of Prof Immanuel Halupczok (now at HHU Düsseldorf http://immi.karimmi.de) and Prof Dugald Macpherson. I graduated from National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) with a BSc in mathematics in 2013.


Research interests

I work in model theory, an area in pure mathematics where mathematical structures are studied using tools from logic. Inside model theory, I am interested in valued fields, o-minimal structures and applications to geometry (particularly, to real algebraic geometry). I recently became interested in definable groups in valued fields that have an o-minimal field as background structure (T-convex fields). This is the start of a project in collaboration with other researchers on definable groups in valuational weakly o-minimal structures.


  • PhD in Pure Mathematics, University of Leeds, 2017.
  • BSc with Honours in Mathematics, UNAM (Mexico), 2013.