Dr Satoshi Sasaki


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  • CM group seminar organiser

Research interests

Topological Insulators: Realization of quantum spin Hall state; Creation, control, and detection of the spin-momentum locked surface state for spintronics with devices fabricated by lithography.
Topological Superconductors and Andreev bound states consisting of Majorana Fermions: Search for candidate materials with soft point-contact spectroscopy technique; Tunneling spectroscopy with tunnel junction devices, Josephson junction devices and SQUID fabricated by lithography; Specific heat measurements and magnetization measurements.

Helium at ultralow temperatures: Superfluid and quantum solid helium 3 with an adiabatic-demagnetization dilution fridge; Supersolidity of quantum solid helium 4 with an optical dilution fridge; NMR measurements and ultrasound measurements at ultralow temperatures.

Postgraduate research opportunities

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Projects currently available: