Dr Peng Bao

Research interests

(1) Biosensor based on liquid crystal (LC) droplets;

  • Produce LC droplets using microfluidic devices;
  • Use LC droplets as biosensor for the detection of antimicrobial peptide;

(2) Supported lipid bilayer:

  • Supported lipid bilayer formation and patterning on various substrates, including glass, mica, polymer brushes, hydrogel;
  • Characterization of lipid bilayer using fluorescence microscope, TIRF, SERS, AFM etc;
  • Manipulation of membrane proteins using electric field;
  • Gaint vesicle formation using microfluidic devices;

(3) Semiconductor devices:

  • ZnO thin film based semiconductor nanodevices on different substrate, including plastics and silica;
  • Nanoimprint lithography method for the fabrication of planar nano transistors;

(4) Tunable microwave devices based on ferroelectric thin film:

  • Deposition of ferroelectric thin film using pulsed laser deposition;
  • Fabrication and microwave characterization of ferroelectric thin film varactors;
  • Construction and measurement of microwave devices;

Research projects

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