Dr Eleonore Faber

Research interests

My research is in algebra, in particular algebraic geometry, commutative algebra, and representation theory. 

Algebraic geometry and commutative algebra seek to understand polynomials and the geometric shapes that their zerosets (so-called algebraic varieties) define. An algebraic variety may have singularities, that is, points at which the variety is not smooth (for example, cusps or crossing points). My work focuses on understanding and explaining geometric phenomena of algebraic varieties in the presence of singularities, using methods from commutative algebra and representation theory. In particular, I am interested in the interactions between these fields.


  • Dr. Rer. Nat., University of Vienna, 2012
  • Dipl.-Ing., University of Innsbruck, 2007

Professional memberships

  • American Mathematical Society (AMS)
  • Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM)
  • Austrian Mathematical Society (OEMG)

Research groups and institutes

  • Pure mathematics

Postgraduate research opportunities

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