Dr Alexander (Sandy) D. James


After recieving my MChem from Edinburgh in 2012, I came to Leeds to work for my PhD with John Plane. After a brief Teaching and Research fellowship I am now undertaking a new project as a Recearch Fellow.

Research interests

I am a heterogeneous kineticist. I use a variety of techniques to probe the rates of processes which involve materials of two different phases. During my PhD I applied this to investigating the impact which meteoric material has as it sediments through the atmospheres of Earth, Venus and Titan. I am now embarking on an exciting new project involving vehicle emission.


  • PhD atmospheric chemistry, University of Leeds
  • Master of environmental and sustainable chemistry, University of Edinburgh

Student education

In 2016/17 I acted as physical chemistry teaching fellow. This involved tutoring several groups, demonstrating in physical laboratories for level 1 and 2 students and giving a foundation level lecture set. I expect to continue to give this lecture set and to take tutorial groups in 2017/18.

Postgraduate research opportunities

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