Dr Vladimir V. Kisil


Mathematics is a unified subjects and the concept of symmetry links together various areas. Applications in physics and other sciences provide a rich source of intriguing questions and inspiring hints for their solutions.

Information for Prospective Postgraduate Students

I obtained my both degrees from the Odessa University

Research interests

Applications of symmetries and group representations in geometry, complex analysis, operator theory, functional calculus and spectra. In particular:

  • C*-algebras with symmetries, particularly algebra of convolutions and pseudo-differential operators on Lie groups and homogeneous spaces;
  • Functional calculus of operators and associated notions of (joint) spectrum of operators;
  • Hilbert spaces of analytic functions with reproducing kernels arising from group representations in complex, hypercomplex and Clifford analysis;
  • Applications of coherent states, wavelet transform and group representations in quantum mechanics, foundations of quantum mechanics;
  • Non-commutative geometry of homogeneous space based on the Erlangen programme;
  • Cancellative semigroups and umbral-type calculus in combinatorics, mathematical physics and analysis.

Research groups and institutes

  • Pure mathematics

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