Dr Joanna H Sier


I currently work with Associate Professor Dr Bernadette Moore within the School of Food Science and Nutrition, as a postdoctoral research fellow in obesity. The work is focusing on the characterisation of the molecular basis of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD); utilising proteomics for the identification of new biomarkers, whilst developing and applying systems biology to dissect the molecular etiology and pathogenesis of NAFLD. I am currently working with colleagues at Sheffield University utilising a High Content Analysis equipment to measure metabolic changes in response to high sugar and fat feeding of HepG2 cells and future work using proteomics to analyze specific time points for identification of post translational modifications.

I am also actively involved with the STEM outreach in MAPS, assisting with the festival of science roadshow and engaging students at both primary and secondary level with food science; including DNA and food, the importance of food and colour, energy and food, as well as the states of matter.  I also work with the social mobility foundation providing support to college students in the process of applying for university.

I completed my BSc (Hons) in Biochemistry in 2010 at the University of Surrey, for which I carried out a year's professional training placement (2008-2009) at the Centre for Environment Fisheries and Aquacultural Sciences (CEFAS) in Weymouth, Dorset. I spent the year working with the shellfish hygiene - molecular microbiology team carrying out routine sampling and analysis of norovius and bacterial strains present in Bivalve molluscs. Alongside this I worked with Dr Craig Baker-Austin in developing methods for fecal source contamination identification in shellfish harvesting area samples. I carried out and completed my Doctoral studies at the University of Surrey in 2015, under the supervision of Dr Nick Plant and Dr Alfred Thumser, into the role of ATP Binding Cassette (ABC) transporters in the metabolism and disposition of estradiol in hepatocytes. During this work I utilised both molecular and cell biology techniques including; molecular cloning techniques, protein assays, SDS page gels, Western Blotting, mammalian and primary human cell culture, visible light and fluorescent microscopy, along with the use of LC-MS/MS. 

I worked as a senior research technician and acting research lab manager at the University of Surrey providing support to the research activities within the department of nutrition and metabolism.  I supported the running and management of the health and safety within the lab, training of students and research staff of all levels.  Amongst the areas of research carried out within the department I assisted with a range of clinical trial analysis from vitamin D status to postprandial glucose and fatty acids in response to dietary intervention.  For part of my time I worked with the metabolomics group, running the UPLC-Xevo TQS system carrying out serum sample analysis with the Biocrates IDQ system, measuring over one hundred metabolites in a sample.



  • PhD Biochemistry and Physiology
  • BSc (Hons) Biochemistry 2:1

Professional memberships

  • Biochemical Society
  • Nutrition Society

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