Dr. Martin Walko


Martin spent his PhD years at the University of Groningen (The Netherlands) under the guidance of Prof Ben L. Feringa working on molecular and biomolecular switches. Since 2005 he worked as a research and later independent researcher at P.J.Safarik University in Kosice (Slovakia) except for the period 2010-2012 when he studied protein channel opening using chemical biology methods in the group o Prof. A. Kocer at GBB in Groningen. Since 2016 he works in the group of Prof A. J. Wilson at the university of Leeds, investigating the use of photochemical crosslinking to study peptide aggregation.

Research interests

I'm interested in design and synthesis of small responsive organic molecules (sensors, switches, crosslinkers) as a tools in Chemical Biology. These compounds are used to study structure and function of biomolecules and their interactions as well as engineer a new functions into biomolecules.

Postgraduate research opportunities

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