Dr Almut Beige


  • Head of Theoretical Physics Group

Research interests

The main aim of my research is to increase our understanding of quantum physics, especially the quantum physics of quantum optical systems, like trapped atoms and photons [1,2,3]. Many of the quantum effects which we studied in the past [4,5] now have applications in quantum computing [6,7,8,9], quantum metrology and quantum sensing [10]. Experiments, which employ fast technological advances, have already answered many of our questions concerning the foundations of quantum physics but more questions are raised in the process. I expect that, within the next decade, we will uncover many interesting new effects with potential applications in quantum technology.

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  2. Using thermodynamics to identify quantum subsystems, A. Stokes, P. Deb and A. Beige, J. Mod. Opt. (2017). arXiv:1602.04037.
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