Ben Kew studied BSc Food Science at the University of Leeds

Ben Kew

Why did you choose to study food science and nutrition?

I chose to study food science and nutrition because I have always been fascinated about how food has shaped our culture on this planet.

I want to learn and apply scientific principles to create new and inventive ideas.

We all eat food and everything consumed has complex chemistry, biology and physics involved. Knowing how and why food is like it is has always been my motivation to study food science and nutrition.

What attracted you to the University of Leeds?

What stood out to me most is the quality of teaching resources and also the atmosphere of the University. There’s so much to do in terms of social societies, it’s the perfect place if you want to learn something completely new. 

I can’t list how many experiences the University of Leeds has offered me this year. The University is active, fun and lively, this makes it a much more stimulating learning environment.

What do you enjoy the most about your course?

I definitely enjoy the lab sessions. You get to learn the theory in the lectures and then see how it’s applied in real life situations - this makes learning the material much more enjoyable. 

How would you describe student life at Leeds?

There isn’t a single reason why you couldn’t enjoy student life in Leeds. There is something for everyone. You are given the opportunity to add so many new skills and hobbies which makes university life so much more than just the degree. 

Are you involved in any clubs or societies?

I joined the wine society, food society and the archery society. I am now the social secretary for the wine society and I can’t stress enough how important joining societies is - you meet many more friends, it’s a break from studying and it makes you much more active as a student at university. 

What is Leeds as a city like?

Everything is in walking distance - the shops, the University, the societies, everything!

Every day you can enjoy something new about Leeds. It's really easy to get round but if you’re not a fan of walking there are plenty of buses all with cheap, student friendly fares!

What advice would you give to someone thinking of applying to the School of Food Science and Nutrition?

Enjoy it - it is truly a very enjoyable course which is both interesting and challenging.

My definition of food science and nutrition is putting parts of a physics, biology and chemistry degree together in relation to how food is created and used. It is a very science heavy degree which perfect for anyone that likes a broad range of sciences.

Many people underestimate the degree - a lot of my friends are very surprised that I'm covering content from their chemical engineering, biology and physics degrees.

It teaches you skills from each fundamental science and so your opportunities for career choices can be a lot more varied than other degrees. 

What are your plans for the future?

I am still keeping my options open but I have taken an interest in food development, so encapsulating, design of new foods and the physics I find very interesting. I would like to go into research perhaps.